Light Pollution

Light pollution from improper outdoor lighting wastes billions of dollars and vast quantities of natural resources annually. Starry Night Lights is committed to fighting light pollution and restoring our heritage of star-filled skies. We offer the widest selection of night sky friendly outdoor lighting for your home or business.

Light up the night with updated porch fixtures

Posted on November 8, 2010 by Noel

Minka Lavery – Great Outdoors Large Wall Light $129.99

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“KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The glow of a porch light does more than light up the night, providing safety and security. It’s a decorative element that adds to your home’s total look, and porch lights are evolving to reflect energy efficiency and light pollution concerns.

Here’s what local and national experts have to say about the latest in porch lights.

Consider alternatives to clear glass. Textured glass, such as seeded, etched or rippled, along with opaque and colored glass, are becoming more popular, says Bob Wilson of Wilson Lighting. “Texture adds to the look and feel of the fixture,” he says, and helps camouflage energy-efficient CFL bulbs and reduces glare, while amber light gives a warm glow.

Older eyes become more sensitive, and instead of providing safety, glare from a porch light can be detrimental when trying to navigate steps, says Jeff Dross, senior product manager at Kichler Lighting.

Go for energy efficiency. Easiest to do? Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps. “CFLs are generally very good until extreme cold hits with temperatures consistently at zero,” Dross says.

He finds exterior lighting a great place to use fluorescents, which offer the most light for your buck.

Keep the skies dark. The dark sky movement started a decade ago in western states to fight light pollution. “There’s a whole shift in how we light the out of doors,” says Tom Patterson, director of product development at Hinkley Lighting.

Instead of light leaking up and horizontally, the light from porch lights shines down, illuminating where you’re walking. The International Dark Sky Association even gives its seal of approval to lights that pass muster.

“You can do with one-third of wattage used,” Patterson says. “Tie it in with fluorescent, and the fixture is even more efficient while still safe and effective.”

Look for different metals. Porch lights were once polished brass, but that finish fails to weather well in some climates.

Aluminum has become a popular choice, and it can be painted different colors. Dross says he’s seeing more neutral-tone grays. Other popular metals are nickel and brushed nickel, stainless steel and dark bronze.”

Starry Night Lights offers a variety of shielded lighting fixtures for any style and budget. These not only help direct the light downward, but make your home a better investment for the future. Even better, if you use motion sensor lighting fixtures, one can reduce their energy consumption even more as well as help improve their home security system. Really, it’s a win-win situation. You, as the consumer, have the greatest power of all: choice. Do the research, find the facts and work out the best solution for your home. Starry Night Lights will continue to fight the good fight against light pollution and will always advocate for darker, more pristine skies!

Let there be night!

Showcase: SPJ Lighting

Posted on September 14, 2010 by Noel

SPJ Lighting – Exterior Wall Sconce in Brass or Copper

Founded in 1998, SPJ has been delivering high quality lighting fixtures for over 12 years. What separates SPJ lighting from other competitors, lies in the materials used. Every SPJ light fixture uses either solid brass or copper (at the customers choice) and they are as durable as they are attractive. Utilizing brass or copper as an outdoor fixture is a great investment because both brass and copper are immune to oxidation: corrosion and rust. Naturally, all SPJ lighting fixtures come with a lifetime warranty.

SPJ Lighting – Copper or Brass Exterior Wall Mount Fixture
This lamp is eligible for SPJ’s patent pending ForeverBright LED technology(tm), touting an impressive 50,000 hour lamp life. Fear not, the color emitted from the light is a natural warm glow rather than the bright white light found in most LED lights. In addition, ForeverBright LED technology(tm) includes includes “Smart Systems” such as low voltage motion detection devices and emergency battery back-up products.

SPJ Lighting – Brass or Copper Recessed Light

“Copper and brass are not just for “coastal environments”. In modern landscape conditions with constant irrigation, fertilizer and soil amendments, a coastal environment is created in almost every garden. It is difficult for anything to survive in such harsh surroundings; therefore you can trust SPJ Lighting finishes to remain beautiful and functional until the end of time!”

Project DIY: Replacing Old Lights

Posted on March 15, 2010 by Noel

“Not only will you attract more potential buyers and get a quicker sale (not to mention being the envy of your neighbours) you’ll probably get a welcome boost in your sale price. Spending 5% of the value of your home on landscaping, and you might get back as much as 150% of your money back. If your landscaping is on the low end for the area, bringing it up to par with your neighbours could increase the value of your property by as much as 15%. And academic studies are proving the point. One university study found that consumers valued a landscaped home up to 11.3 percent higher than its base price. Another consumer survey in Ireland found that hedges raised property value by 3.6 percent, a landscaped kerb by 4% and a landscaped patio by a staggering 12.4%” – Article Source

Buying a home is an investment. As such, with any investment, one wishes to achieve the maximum return value on that investment. Our last DIY topic lauded the value of energy efficient, shielded outdoor lamps and the ‘ambiance’ it creates. This particular DIY article will focus more on larger outdoor lights found on homes. Have any outdoor lights barely hanging on? Been meaning to update them to reflect your style? Looking for something less obstructive but more welcoming? Take a look at the image at the beginning of the article. It possesses an old fashion yet contemporary look, it’s stylish and guess what, it’s 100% night sky friendly. Significant strides have been made in lighting technology, to provide numerous styles for demanding consumers. Rustic, classic, contemporary or a fusion of them all, Starry Night Lights delivers.

Quality Outdoor Lighting Increases Property Value

Posted on March 9, 2009 by Noel

The Greenman Man

March 21st marks the advent of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring, often associated with similes such as ‘rebirth, ‘renewal’ and ‘regrowth,’ draws nigh.  As yards, gardens and flowers begin to burgeon due to increased sunlight exposure from Earth’s 23.45 tilt, Spring allows for suitable hospitable conditions outdoors.  Whether that may entail gazing at the night sky, having a friendly Barbecue, or courteously turning on your lights for a deliver driver, landscape lighting can render an otherwise perfect ambiance into a horrific nuisance. Many families decide to apply Spring’s similes towards  ‘Spring Cleaning’ projects around their respected households. An excellent way to “Spring Clean” lies in home renovations. Speak with any real estate agent or perform a quick search on a search engine, to find out how exceptionally installed Outdoor lighting increases your property value.

If seeking customizable metallic fixtures utilizing either solid copper or brass, SPJ lighting fulfills that niche quite nicely. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, each copper or brass lighting fixture comes with a genuine lifetime warranty – no ‘limited-lifetime warranties’ ever.

Next up, Starry Night Lights has a newcomer to the family with Kickler lighting. Starry Night Lights welcomes Kickler lighting’s three basic principles of customer care, product value and design excellence. Annual customer surveys continue to rank Kickler lighting with the highest marks in quality, reliability and ease of installation. Starry Night Lights offers both 12v and 120v alternatives for whichever project you choose to undergo.

Durable Landscape Lighting

Posted on January 9, 2009 by Rob

brass lightingIn many parts of the country, landscape lighting is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. This is precisely the time to think about the workmanship of these fixtures, however. As you can see from the accompanying image, landscape lights can be installed in some pretty demanding situations. Don’t expect more than a couple of seasons from the cheap-o fixtures sold at many of the big box stores. If you want your landscape lights to look like new in 5 years, you really only have a couple of choices. Brass or Copper.

Copper is a natural metal that has a time tested immunity to oxidation. It has been used for centuries in many applications where it was vital that rust and corrosion would not affect its function. It has survived unchanged since the beginning of time — with the exception of turning a natural “Patina” or “Verde” color.

Brass is an alloy derived from copper and has the same corrosion resistant properties. Copper and brass can never rust, rot or corrode, even in the harshest outdoor environments. This is why these metals are the only choice for outdoor lighting. We’ve all seen what happens to many other types of home lighting that have been subject to the elements for any length of time, they have either rotted away to dust or the painted finishes are virtually not-existent.

Copper and brass are not just for “coastal environments”. In modern landscape conditions with constant irrigation, fertilizer and soil amendments, a coastal environment is created in almost every garden. It is difficult for anything to survive in such harsh surroundings; therefore you can trust brass and copper fixtures to remain beautiful and functional until the end of time! Brass and copper perfrom equally well in the harsh snowy climates of the north or at higher elevations. The landscape light in the accompanying image, poked its head out from under the snow recently. It had been buried for some time, as it has every winter since being installed several years ago. The fixture, made by in California by SPJ Lighting, looks as good as new, as do all the others installed at this home.

Hanging Art

Posted on May 5, 2008 by Marielle

There are many ways to decorate your home, art being the most popular form. So, go ahead and hang some art throughout your home but spice things up and do in an atypical way, let your lights be your art. Surprisingly and unexpectantly, lights can be excellent forms of art, especially as designs have become more unique and colorful. Lights, in fact, are not just mere lighting forms they can be excellent focal points of a room, as well.

Pendant lights, for example, have become very popular and accessible and they are such a great way to both light and embellish a room. Pendant lights come in many different colors, shapes and forms and are great, fun lighting.

Besa Lighting
Besa Pendant Lighting

Wall Scones are an attractive way to light your home. They allow you to light only the areas, you would like lit as well. They come all sorts of styles, and various finishing options.

Ultra Light Wall Scone

Ceiling Mounted Lights are less dramatic than pendant lighting, but similar to wall scones. They are an excellent way to only light they areas you feel need lighting. Ceiling mounted lighting, can come in many forms, they can come in the cylinder form of lighting as well as various forms of bowl lighting.

Ceiling Mounted Lighting

Interior Metal Wall Lights are beautiful and effective, and also serve as an ideal form of lighting. They can be placed wherever you would like lighting to be placed, they come in many different varities and include many different finishes and forms.

Lighting structures can go so far beyond just the simple role of lighting your home, they can be forms of art, as well as focal pieces of a room. There are so many forms of indoor lighting, consisting of various colors, shapes, sizes and finishes. There’s a style for everyone. When picking interior lighting one needs to consider: the area that need to be lit, style of the room, style of the light and so forth. So go ahead and decorate and hang some art!

Hit the Lights!!!

Posted on April 1, 2008 by Marielle

Give your home a ‘face-lift’ change your lights! There are so many styles and forms of lighting today that finding the exact lighting that you want is easy. Find your indoor and outdoor lighting at Starry Night Lights, the night sky friendly lighting specialists.

Wall Scones:

Wall Scone

Serve as an excellent way to draw attention to a wall or highlite an area. All wall scones sold by Starry Night Lights shine light downwards or on the area which needs to be lit and not into neighbors homes. They come in various styles such as; copper, aluminum, brass, ceramic and stainless steel and also in many different finishes.

Outdoor Wall Lanterns:

Outdoor Wall Latern

Lanterns are an interesting outdoor form of lighting which are both appealing and functional. All the outdoor wall lanterns which can be found at Starry Night Lights are night sky friendly and can be easily placed at the most desirous location. Starry Night Lights lanterns come in many different shapes, sizes and patterns.

Pendant Lighting:

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are great! They are a lot of fun, they come in many interesting forms with many interesting colors. They also really bring a presence to a room and area.

Landscape Lighting:

Landscape Lighting

All forms of landscape lighting which can be found at Starry Night Lights are both neighbor and night friendly. They are designed to be both attractive and durable. Landscape Lighting is an excellent way to light your walkway, or specific areas of your yard. This way you may light the areas you seek to have lit, and not over due the amount of lighting you need.

Architectural Lighting:

Architectural Lighting

What’s great about architectural lighting is that not only is it an excellent source of outdoor lighting, but it also allows people to move around safely and securely without worry. Architectural lighting serves as a wonderful to get a good amount of light, while also respecting neighbors and the environment.

These lights and many other great and fun types of lights can be found at Starry Night Lights. And all the lights that can be found at Starry Night Lights are guaranteed to be both neighbor and night friendly!

Having Fun with… Lightz

Posted on March 13, 2008 by Marielle

Starry Night Lights works hard to ensure that one can choose, both interesting and economically friendly lighting. It is our hope that individuals will consider the negative consequences that certain lighting options have on the environment and will instead pick responsible options when lighting their homes. In order to give our customers as many options as possible, we offer many forms of lighting from many different brands. These brands include: GlareBuster, Justice Design, LSI Lighting Solutions, Sea Gull Lighting, as well as: 

AmeriTec Lighting

Besa Lighting

Besa Lighting Ex.



Minka Group                    

 Minka Lighting Ex.              

 SPJ Lighting

Ultra Lights



For all the brands sold by Starry Night Lights please go to the ‘lighting by brand’ section on our webpage.

New and modern forms of lighting are one of the greatest and cheapest ways to give your home a ‘face-lift’. Interesting lighting serves as an excellent way to draw attention to your home, porch and garden. Also, with products purchased from Starry Night Lights, you are receiving efficient and sky friendly lighting. As a result, feel free to ‘lighten-up’ your home with Starry Night Lights forms of lighting and be guaranteed both cool and environmentally safe lighting.            



Hadco Landscape Lights

Posted on February 28, 2008 by Valerie

Recent information published by U.S. and Italian scientists shows just how invasive and damaging light pollution has become. Nearly two thirds of the Earth’s population experiences unwanted light. Indeed in many urban areas it never gets dark. Even small amounts of extraneous light has huge effects – on birds, which fly into buildings; on some tree frogs, whose mating patterns are disrupted; on some hatchling turtles, which become confused; and on ALL life forms (yes, even human health is affected by light at night) when light at night disrupts critical hormone functioning. It is estimated that light pollution – as well as wasting energy – has been growing at 10% per year since the 1960s.

You can help wildlife and provide nice ambiance on your deck with this wildlife friendly outdoor deck light (HCO-GACL1) by Hadco Lighting. This fixture has a top cap and housing that are hand-formed solid copper with flamed-cut edges. This keeps light on the ground where it belongs, not up in the night sky where it is completely wasted and unwanted. The bottom, of course, is open. The fixture is 5 ” high and 3 1/8 ” wide with an antique copper finish. A xenon lamp is included.

You can sleep better at night knowing that you are not contributing to the harmful effects of light pollution upon our planet….

Attractive and Environmentally Friendly Exterior Light

Posted on February 11, 2008 by Valerie

Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Light FixtureThis flush wall mounted outdoor light fixture by SPJ lighting is another example of dark sky friendly lighting. It’s closed top directs light onto your property where it is needed. The solid sides reduces the amount of light trespass, where it is definitely not needed.

This light fixture can be constructed of solid brass or copper, neither of which will rust, rot, or corrode. There are many finish options for you to choose (verde, moss, aged brass, bronze, matte bronze, neutral copper, gun metal, black, rusty, autumn, raw copper, polished copper). All finishes are chemical and NOT painted or power coated for a look that will endure time.

This light comes in 3 sizes; 5 1/2 W x 8 1/4 H x 4 EXT, 8 1/2 W x 12 H x 5 3/8 EXT, 10 W x 18 H x 5 3/8 Ext. This fixture will, of course, accommodate compact fluorescent bulbs.


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