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Sark’s skies could gain international recognition

Posted on April 30, 2010 by Noel

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“I’ve found as you would expect that the skies here are very dark, there’s very little light pollution comes from Sark itself. The only real problem you have is from other islands like Guernsey, Jersey and in fact the east coast of France that a tiny little glow on your horizon from those places. But to all intents and purposes you’ve got skies darker than ninety nine percent of people in the UK will ever see.” – Steve Owens from the International Dark Skies Association

“From a tourism point of view it would be lovely for us to be the sort of place that you don’t have to be an astronomer or a star head you just have to enjoy the night sky, that’s one of them. There is really the sort of let’s do our bit for the environment because if you have effective lighting you probably use less of it and then you have to generate less electricity so that’s always a good thing. I think it just raises the profile of this nice place, let’s conserve it and I would say those three together really, that’s what it’s all about.” – Jo Birch from La Societe Sercquaise

Sark island lies in the southwestern portion of the English Channel. As a roughly 2 sq mile island with 600 inhabitants, much of Sark’s revenue relies on tourism. If the International Dark Skies association approves Sark as a Dark Sky island, big things could happen for this small island. Retrofitting new lighting fixtures, if they are even needed, would be absolutely simple and painless. What’s more, automobiles have and will always be prohibited island wide. Whether Sark island is approved or not, Sark is a wonderful little jaunt especially for ecotourists.

Best of luck to Sark island on obtaining island wide Dark Sky approval and remember:

Let there be night!

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