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Mexico City Illuminates Heritage Park with Carmanah Technology’s Latest Solar LED Outdoor Streetlight: EG300-Series

Posted on February 12, 2011 by Noel

Article source

“A historically significant heritage park located in Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, is illuminating its pathways with EG340 solar LED outdoor lighting systems designed by Carmanah Technologies (TSX: CMH). The EG300-series solar lighting system, the company’s latest product, was chosen by the City for the Parque Caneguin on the basis of lighting performance, aesthetic design, and cost savings achieved in installation. The EG300-series is specifically designed to meet requirements of lighting applications in sun-belt regions of the world. This order represents one of the initial launch installations within a key market for the new EG300-series product. Parque Caneguin is also recognized by the Insistuto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH) as a Mexico City heritage site as well as being valued by the community as the “lungs” of the district.

Parque Caneguin, one of Mexico City’s largest urban parks, exhibits a number of important architectural and art deco examples from the 1920s. The park’s historical distinction by the City and community provided a unique set of challenges when pathway lighting improvements were explored. In combination with illuminating the park’s various historical attractions and classic architecture, increased after-hours lighting would provide tourists and the community with an increased sense of security and would lengthen the number of hours the park could be used each day. According to a representative for the City, the aesthetic form factor of the EG300-series would help blend into the overall look and feel of the central city green space as well as provide an installation that would preserve the integrity of the heritage site. Being powered entirely from the integrated solar panel, solar LED outdoor lighting systems eliminate the need to run cable through the park and can be installed faster than traditional grid-based streetlights.

The recommendation to enlist the EG340 solar LED outdoor lighting system to solve the park’s various challenges was made by local lighting agent, Industrial Rocava S.A. de C.V. “We knew Mexico, DF, was looking to install solar LED lighting in the Parque Caneguin and we felt strongly that the Carmanah EG340 was the right solution,” says Roberto Carrilo, Director for Rocava S.A. de C.V. “Once our client saw the aesthetic design, the focused light output of the EG340 lighting layout, and the strong reputation of Carmanah products, they agreed.”

Ideal for roadway, park and pathway applications, the EG300-series also features Dark-Sky friendly BetaLED fixtures, which inhibit light pollution and ‘sky glow’. During the day, the EG300-series will also stand as a visible symbol of the City and community’s joint commitment to eco-friendly infrastructure.

“With an increase in attention to sustainable lighting solutions, we are seeing a growing demand for solar LED lighting for outdoor applications,” said Ted Lattimore, Carmanah CEO. “As was the case with this installation, Carmanah solar LED lighting systems tend to stand out because of their ability to meet specified light output requirements and fit in aesthetically with their environment.””

Congratulations Mexico City! May you enjoy darker skies for future generations to come!

Let there be night!

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