3087, AmeriTec Lighting
3087, AmeriTec Lighting
Starry Night Lights

3087, AmeriTec Lighting

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This dark sky friendly wall light is suitable for outdoor use in any environment. The fixture may be ordered in paintable bisque. Paintable bisque fixtures can be used as received or can be painted with any house paint (oil or latex), spray paint, or acrylic paint.  Priming is not necessary prior to painting, though it is not discouraged either.

This fixture has a closed top to prevent light from going upward makes it better for viewing the stars in the night skies.

This fixture is also considered turtle safe when used with an amber lamp (590nm wavelength is what you should get for this use).

This fixture is UL Listed and comes with mounting hardware and instructions.  Lamp (bulb) not included.

Lamping: This fixture will support any medium base lamp up to 60W.  Lamps selected can be incandescent, self-ballasted compact fluorescent, or 120V LED. If the lamp selected is dimmable, this fixture will be dimmable.

Dimensions: 8.5" T x 6.125" W x 4" D.

Usage: This fixture should be hardwired to an standard junction box with 120VAC.

Care Instructions: This fixture may be painted, in which case maintenance of the finish is dependent upon the paint used (consult paint manufacturer for guidance).  If left in the paintable bisque (as received) condition, this fixture can be cleaned using an 80 grit sandpaper to remove any discoloration that my occur after installation.

Warranty: This fixture is warranted by the manufacturer for parts and labor for one year after date of shipment.


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